Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Lynx has become the first UK advertiser to launch a 'branded community' on MySpace. As reported on New Media Age, Towelboy is a semi-naked superstar who stars in the latest Lynx' tv spot. Towelboys' homepage on Myspace works as a gateway to, and therefore looks pretty basic a part from a very simple advergame integrated in the page. On the other side, Lynxboost is actually much more interesting and entertaining.

Click here to see the site. Feel free to comment if you know more branded MySpace sites.


Well hey, I'm back from a loooong holiday break and it's nice to see you're also here! From now on you can comment on the posts so feel free to "communicate". I also jumped into the myspace hype so those of you who would like to become friends can find me here.

Make great work and have fun making it! Cheers, Tom.


JWT Toronto came up with this unique ambient campaign where they placed stickers on the cover of magazines in doctor’s waiting rooms. The stickers have tags like: “Thumbed Through By Sick People Since October 2005,”Gently Sneezed on Since October 2002,” and “Exposing Patients to More Than Germs Since November 1998.” Click on the image to see it bigger and discover how simple and clever this is made.


Fun ambient media work for Mini from Jae Morrison & Maria Lishman at Colenso BBDO, New Zealand. It got silver at the Young Guns Award.

VW Fox

What's stopping you? New work for VW Fox from DDB London. Made by Jeremy Craigen (Creative Director), Thierry Albert (Copywriter) & Damien Bellon (Art Director).

Nike All Star

Nike work from DDB Paris. From the minds of Sylvain Thirache, Alexandre Herve (Executive Creative Directors),
Olivier Henry (Copywriter) & Laurent Chehere (Art Director).


Britain needs champions this summer.


Outdoor work from BBDO New York for the BBC. Made by Eric Silver (Executive Creative Director), Jamie Overkamp (Art Director), Jerome Marucci (Art Director) & Ari Weiss (Copywriter).

Doritos DIY

Make your own Super Bowl commercial with Doritos. Take your handycam and tell the world how Doritos fits into a person's life. Or like they say it themselves: "Shoot it. Submit it. We'll pick the top five and from those, America will vote for its favorite. What happens with the winner? We debut it as a Doritos commercial on Super Bowl XLI."
I love the comment from AdRants: "Who needs an ad agency anyway?"

You can find the Doritos/Super Bowl site here.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Nice new media usage from BBDO New York for Guinness. Cheers!


New work from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam for Nike. Made by Mark Hunter, Alvaro Sotomayor (Creative Directors), Anders Stake (Art Director), Carlo Cavallone (Copywriter), Happycentro (Design Collective), Giuliano Garonzi & Federico Galvani (Artists).

Monday, September 11, 2006


A new Nike commercial by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. Click here to see it. Directed by Joaquin Baca-Assay for Park Pictures.