Saturday, December 02, 2006

Futy Gum

Nice guerilla work for Futy Gum from JWT Costa Rica.


  1. Yes, it's a nice poster for a gum, but what the hell is saying about this gum in particular?! That you can make bubbles with it? Isn't that something you can do with absolutely all gums?

    I'm sick and tired with all these "creative" stuf, that has no brief behind it, no strategy, no relevant message.

    It's always the same with these scum ads. They are so predictable. Vacuum cleaners that vacuum stronger. Washing powder that washes more. Flash lights that light further and flashier. Whiter whites. Etc... And in this case, a gum that makes bigger bubbles!

    Come on!!!

  2. yeah but what else can you do with bubblegum than making bubbles...

  3. A good ad makes a person THINK and where's the tagline...needed a relevant message

  4. If all gums are just for making bubbles, we could say the same for everything.
    The question creatives should ask themselves before making an ad (even scum ads like this one) is what makes the product special? Why would I buy it?

  5. I'm curious as to what qualifies this as "guerilla"? Is "guerilla" just a difference without distinction? Or is it meant to denote marketing initiatives that are particularly annoying?

  6. guerilla is advertising that pops up in the streets on places that aren't reserved to make advertising and by doing so they intrigue the audience... or not :-)

  7. i think these bubblegum posters are great because it's so fucking simple that it makes you wish you've came up with it for yourselve.

  8. Yeah, but it's not relevant!
    If you always buy Bazooka... Why are you going to change and buy this brand after seeing this poster?
    This creative was thinking more in the jury than in the real consumer, that's for sure.