Friday, November 24, 2006

Smirnoff Red House

JWT Cape Town, South Africa made these nice graphic posters for Smirnoff Red House. Creative Director: Conn Bertish, art director: Justin Joshua, copywriter: Andrew Bloom and illustrated by Dale Halvorssen and Dominic Strauss.


  1. Swedish rapper "Promoe" did this years ago..but on a street level.

  2. I disagree - they look more like "Andre the Giant" Rip-offs

  3. Technically, that would be "Obey Giant" rip-offs. But agreed on that, 100%.

    Shepard Fairey's been doing this for years, and it's pretty blatantly based on his work (which, granted, isn't exactly original... but it did popularize this style over the past few years).

  4. i think it's not a rip off at all, it's just a style, communist socialistic propaganda, Shepard Fairey used it, so many others did before ... in the end people wil say using a black & white photo is rip off because someone else did it before...

  5. i guess they never saw shepard Fairey's work, and i see all the comments referencing his work, and yes he popularized the style and most people only no his work and not the early fifties propaganda posters.
    Regardless, shepard has clammed it as his style.