Monday, February 23, 2009

Sony : Bravia in motion

Here's Fallon's latest ad for Sony Bravia. The spot features the enormous Bravia-drome, the world’s biggest ever zoetrope.

The Bravia-drome spot moves away from colour to focus on motion, and the Bravia’s new Motionflow 200Hz technology which ensures a smoother picture than in conventional TVs.

To emphasise this smoothness, Fallon built an enormous zoetrope in Venaria, a town near Turin in northern Italy. The zoetrope has been causing a stir online for the last couple of months, with Sony posting films of it in action on YouTube while the ad was being created.

Agency: Fallon
Executive creative director: Richard Flintham
Creative directors: Graham Storey, Phil Cockrell
Production company: RSA/Eponymous
Director: Vernie Yeung (RSA)
Zoetrope designer: Ben Scott


  1. Pity the YouTube quality of this commercial is so horrible... (while the Sony tv picture is claimed to be so superior, so that company and Fallon won't like this version either).
    Hope they soon add a HD wides-screen version! Or you, for that matter.

    regards and keep up the good work!

    Michael in Amsterdam

  2. @Michael

    I posted a new video that has a better quality and also can be viewed in HQ.


  3. Just noticed, great thanks.