Thursday, October 19, 2006

ihaveanidea talks with Erik Vervroegen

Erik Vervroegen: "I believe anyone can achieve success if he/she is ready to work hard. Talent is nothing if you don't have passion. That's what I really believe in. If you have talent and passion nothing can stop you. If you have talent and no passion then you're screwed and if you only have passion you're also screwed. I think you need a little bit of both."

Read the full interview from ihaveanidea with Erik Vervroegen here. Also check the reel they made with with work from TBWA Paris. One with print and one with Erik's tv work.


  1. hey Tom, do you have another link to this interview, because the page is not opening up, for the past two days, same problem when i go directly to ihaveanidea.

    thank you

  2. strange... but if you send me your email i can copy past the interview and mail it back to you.

    cheers, tom

  3. Hello tom.

  4. well don't worry Tom i've already asked some1, great interview. Seems the problem is my computer.
    Anyway thanks for your help :)

  5. i do agree in what you said that talent and fashion are great factors in life. if you have it no one can stop you from doing anything.