Monday, July 26, 2010

The POWA ‘Neighborhood Experiment’

The POWA ‘Neighborhood Experiment’ PSA in South Africa is a powerful and disturbing one. The ad begins with a man playing drums in his home late at night. Of course, he gets several complaints from neighbors claiming that the noise is too loud.

The following night the same man turns on his laptop and plays a prerecorded track of a couple having an argument, and of a woman later getting beaten. The shocking part is that nobody comes to the door to inquire on what’s going on. The POWA ‘Neighborhood Experiment’ ad is a powerful commercial about the realities of domestic abuse.


  1. Now, this was really disturbing, I can relate as I have been into domestic abuse due to financial crises. Not even your family members come to rescue you, and this is the worst reality of this decade. I somehow managed to get my research papers done by EssayKing, and planned to earn my own through freelance writing.