Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cannes Grand Prix Film : Dove


  1. i disssagree with this one. Best viral... YES, but NOT best film! This was a fluke to begin with, and it never ran on tv.

    this was pure spec work which was than uploaded to youtube, and than exploded! ah well

  2. I'm not surpised I've never seen this commerican on TV, it actually sends a good message!

  3. Ik vind een andere reclame van Dove met de song van Cindy Lauper "True Colors" beter. Hierin worden jonge meiden getoond die een beetje een gebrek hebben aan zelfvertrouwen en door Dove weer vertrouwen winnen.

  4. Why didn't this run on TV?

  5. if true, than we certainly have a wrong perception of our world...hopefuly we willstart appreciate what is true and what we have...i think if this would run on TV it would raise a lot of questions...the less people can see this, the better the illusion.

  6. Amazing...

    This kind of ads show how irreal is the fashion world and how stupid is to trying to follow that irreal world...

    Nice ad :-)

    Regards from Spain,