Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ernie Schenck found this guerilla campaign from BUND, the German Friends of the Earth.The BUND people put these little globe balloons on the exhaust pipes of cars. The emissions inflate the balloons revealing the line, "The world can't take any more CO2." The balloon goes bang. The driver gets the message.

And Ernie has certainly a point here : "How, I'm not sure. Um, by the time I hear the bang and get out of my car, wouldn't it be kinda hard to read the line? Of course, that assumes the explosion doesn't scare the shit out of me and I drive smack into a bridge abutment. Now that would get my attention."

Besides that we've also seen the idea already in this campaign against climate change from Clemmow Hornby Inge.

UPDATE : and here is the idea again but just that bit smarter.


  1. and again with a much smarter student solution


  2. amazing idea...really creative

  3. clever, the students work is indeed the best

  4. Today me and my colleague discuss about doing something for this big problem. In Istanbul there are so many 4x4. We decide to make stickers and fixate to the front window. And the sticker will be made by very gluey material which can not be take off by the driver.
    In meantime you can see our guerrilla.